Development Reimagined and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa have signed an MOU to establish  a partnership aimed at boosting Africa-China value-added trade

Development Reimagined (DR) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) have established a partnership that began on 22nd February 2023 after the signing of a joint MOU at the ECA office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The purpose of the ECA and DR partnering is to leverage their networks and expertise to promote African-made […]

3 Key Trends in the Chinese Market for 2023

3 Key Trends in the Chinese Market for 2023 1. The removal of the Covid-19 policy and measures to boost consumption means more market opportunities for African business The Chinese government officially announced that it would downgrade its controversial “Zero-Covid Policy” on December 26, 2022. After waves of infections across the country due to the […]

Recent Trends For African Brands in China and Japan

Three (3) emerging consumer trends in China and Japan that are boosting demand for African products Last month, we shared our interview with Hara Yukari, which promotes and sells African brands and their products in Japan. Based on Africa Reimagined’s own work supporting African brands access the Chinese market, we were keen to learn about […]

Africa Reimagined partners with Kiliselect e-commerce store to open an “Africa Reimagined” section for luxury African brands

Africa Reimagined is partnering with the Kiliselect e-commerce store in China to open an “Africa Reimagined” section for high-end African brands on the e-commerce store. The partnership between Africa Reimagined and Kiliselect and the onboarding of the high-end African brands onto the e-commerce store will start from late September 2022. Africa Reimagined is a Beijing-based […]


Despite reports on Covid-19-induced economic slowdowns in China, China’s middle-class and their purchasing power is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Today, China is home to more than 40 percent of the global wealth middle class. Furthermore, these middle-class consumers are continuously looking out for new and unique foreign luxury brands to help them stand […]

Why African Coffee Producers Should Sell Their Coffee in China and How to Do It

China is the world’s second-largest market. Therefore, any country looking to increase its export footprint is an important market to enter and gain significant market share. In the last decade, China has seen a rapid increase in coffee consumption. While China’s hot beverage consumption has historically been dominated by tea, coffee consumption has grown in […]