Kangumamu is a Ugandan coffee brand that focuses on providing the best quality coffee grown in the lush hills of the Sheema District. Hilly with rich fertile soils and a tropical rainy season, Sheema is ideal for growing coffee. Swathes of lush, green Robusta trees – a strong, nutty coffee, indigenous to Uganda – cover the hillsides and harvesting their beans is a key source of income for the district. Kangumamu is humanitarian-based, and provide micro-loans for farmers, alongside providing equipment and training to support value-addition. Over the past 10 years, Mangumamu has supported 800 families lift themselves out of abject poverty! Even during COVID-19, the company supported 120 families who were struggling financially. They also partner with Macbee honey company and supply two beehives to every coffee farmer!

Kangumamu AGRO

Ugandan coffee, in particular, is known for having some of the tastiest coffee in Africa due to its floral, fruity, nutty, and chocolaty aromas.

One company that is putting Ugandan coffee on the map in China is Kangumamu AGRO. Kangumamu AGRO is a coffee trading company and coffee farmers collective that was founded in 1994 by Kangumamu William to ensure that smallholder coffee farmers in Sheema District – a region in Uganda that is famous for its high-quality Robusta and Arabica coffee – received fairer prices for their coffee beans.

Today, Kangumamu AGRO has become one of the leading coffee trading companies in Uganda whilst still remaining a family run company. Now led by Frandan Tumukunde, a social entrepreneur who grew up in a smallholder coffee growing family in Sheema District, Kangumamu AGRO has now built enough relationships to source coffee from almost every high-quality coffee-growing region in Uganda, which is then sold directly to coffee roasteries and trading companies in both Uganda and internationally to ensure smallholder coffee farmers across Uganda receive a fair wage for their work.

Kangumamu AGRO also provides training for over 4,000 coffee farmers in Uganda to ensure the highest quality is produced across Uganda.

CEO Tumukunde’s dream is to one day run coffee shops across China where Chinese people will come to enjoy the uniqueness of Uganda’s coffee. He also hopes that through cooperation with China, Ugandan farmers can earn more profits and produce more value-added coffee to help Ugandan coffee become known worldwide

One of the most premium coffees is their Virunga coffee. Its defining features are that it has a single origin, is 100% Arabica, and medium roasted with floral, fruity, nutty and chocolaty flavours. Virunga coffee is said to bring energy and a uplifting mood to the drinker.

Unique Selling Points:
• Produces both high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee.
• 100% fair trade practices.
• Funds a farmers’ collective that trains and supports thousands of farmers across Uganda.
• Floral, fruity, nutty, and chocolaty aromas.