Africa Reimagined

Helping African Brands Enter the Chinese Market

Africa Reimagined

Helping African Brands Enter the Chinese Market

How can Africa Reimagined help your business?

Africa Reimagined consults with African businesses to equip them for entry into the competitive Chinese market. We can help you unlock a new sector of growth and consumers, through personalized product and market research, logistics and customs support, business matching, and many other services.

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Our services are designed to give your business all the tools necessary for understanding, unlocking, and ultimately, breaking the Chinese market. Our services are operated by a team of bilingual, China market entry experts that are passionate about helping more African brands succeed in the Chinese market. We offer you a free consultation so we can learn about your brand and your China market entry goals before building a tailored, step- by-step market entry plan for your company’s specific needs and objectives.

China market
entry guide
Intellectual Property (IP), Trademarking (TM) and Copyright registration
and PR
China market entry partnership building and matchmaking
The Africa Reimagined E-commerce store on JD-Worldwide
Logistical support
from Africa
to China
Support with attendance at Chinese expos and trade shows

We believe that with the proper tools and support, African Businesses can thrive in the Chinese market.

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We are a diverse and multilingual team of consultants with expertise in the fields of international development, diplomacy, environment, and public relations, across all regions of the world.

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