Oyè Africa

Oyè Africa

Oyè Africa is a Kenyan sustainable fashion brand who make unique shoes and bag. Throughout their production processes, they use recycled materials – such as denim offcuts!


Oye is a Kenyan footwear and accessories brand focused on producing exquisite African leather products for the world. Oye means good in the Samburu dialect of Northern Kenya and the brand hopes to exemplify this trait by producing environmentally conscious and high-quality leather products that pay homage to their African roots. Oye uses age old African techniques like hand-beading and sandal making, whilst adapting the emerging design trends in the current fashion market.

The brand also has a strong impact on its local community by mostly employing women and youth in Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi. By employing talented but underserved artisans between the ages of 26 and 40 in the Kibera area, Oye is ensuring that youth, and women in particular, have jobs. All products are handcrafted by local, skilled crafts people who have years of experience and in some cases 10 years of experience to ensure all Oye’s products are the highest quality

In addition to this, Oye also uses sustainable production methods to reduce waste such as the use of upcycled denim fabric to reduce leather waste or only producing on an order-to-order basis. Ultimately, Oye is good for the African chique lover, good for the workers, and good for the environment.

Unique Selling Points:
• High-quality leather.
• Age-old African techniques used to produce the products, such as hand-beading.
• Traditional beading designs from Kenya.
• Positive contributors to local society by employing local artisans, women and youth.
Visit: www.oyecrafts.com