Gunbay’s history dates back to 1806 when two 18-pounder smoothbore muzzleloaders were placed on Signal Hill in Cape Town. Gunbay’s story ties into Chinese heritage with the subtle pun for Gun Bay with the traditional Chinese toast for Cheers! Bottoms Up! Dry Cup! – 干杯 Gānbēi. Gunbay wine is a luxury wine brand with an affordable price tag. Down at the Foot of Africa, the company specialises in producing, unique full-bodied, fruity wines characteristic of the Cape Winelands’ ancient soils, cooling sea breezes and Mediterranean climate.

Gun Bay

Gun Bay wines were officially launched by Andrew Ing at the Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Fair in 2019. Gun Bay is a South African wine brand on a mission to raise awareness about South African wine in China and connect the two countries through its wine. Fun fact – the name Gun Bay is a play on the Chinese word “Gan Bei” (干杯), which means “Cheers” or “Bottoms Up.” Their wines of distinction are bottled in premium packaging that is designed to match Chinese consumer tastes

Gun Bay produces full-bodied, fruity wines borne from Cape Town’s globally renowned and acclaimed wine region. Gun Bay’s winemakers select the Gun Bay grapes from prime vineyard blocks in the diverse terroir of the Cape Winelands. For this reason, Gun Bay’s wines are as unique and award winning as the region itself. The Cape Town winelands are characterized by the granite foothills merging into undulating shale hills with many different soil types, and as it sits at the nexus of the cold waters of the Atlantic and the warm Indian Ocean, this leads to the slow, optimum ripening of grapes to produce the fruity flavor characteristic of Gun Bay wine. This unique combination makes this area a winemaking treasure zone.

Unique Selling Points:
• Grapes selected only from Cape Town’s prime vineyards.
• Full-bodied, fruity flavours.
• Adapated to suit Chinese consumer tastes, including the brand name and packaging.
• Strives to promote South African wine in China and connect the two countries.