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About our services

Africa Reimagined’s services are designed to give your business all the tools necessary for understanding, unlocking, and ultimately, breaking the Chinese market. We offer a range of services that support your business from the very beginning of your journey into the Chinese market, as well as during your future growth within the world’s fastest growing consumer market. This is because we believe in helping African businesses strategize and prepare even before they have entered the Chinese market. After entry, we will always be on hand to support your brand with accessible, personalised and expertise advice and the services you need to help navigate China’s large and lucrative market.

Our services are operated by an international, multilingual team of China market entry experts that are actively involved with growing African businesses in China and improving the Africa-China trade relationship. As we understand the realities of growing a business in China and in Africa, our team are genuine and extremely passionate about seeing African brands succeed in the Chinese market.

Firstly, we offer you a free consultation so that we can learn more about your business and your China market entry goals before building a tailored, step-by-step market entry plan for your company’s specific needs and objectives.

Bespoke China market research & analysis guide

Our bespoke China market research & analysis guides are researched and written by our team’s China market entry experts specifically for your brand’s China market entry needs and objectives. It includes all the info you need to understand the Chinese market so that you can develop an informed China market entry strategy for your brand before even entering the Chinese market.

Intellectual Property (IP), Trademarking (TM) and Copyright registration

We support your brand throughout the whole registration process from filing an application, availability searches to the final registration of your IP, TM or Copyright with a Chinese legal attorney. Throughout the process, we liaise with the Chinese legal attorney on your behalf, translate documents and offer expert, personalised advice to make the process quicker, simpler, and more affordable than most other IP, TM and Copyright registration services in China.

Marketing, Branding and PR

We are partnered with a range of marketing, branding and PR companies who help our clients to build a strong brand image that can resonate with Chinese consumers. This helps our clients to stand out in the competitive Chinese market, which allows them to build brand awareness and a strong customer base in China. These companies offer services such as creating product launches, event promotions, new media and marketing strategies, new package design and brand image creation, collaborations with Chinese KOLs and influencers, and PR services.

Matchmaking with Chinese business partners and due diligence

We can help find you a reliable partner (importer, distributor, wholesaler and buyer) that has proven success in working with foreign brands and that matches your business goals. We can conduct thorough due diligence and company background checks on your potential partners to understand their credibility and capabilities of being a business partner.


China has the world’s largest and most sophisticated e-commerce market globally and a rapidly growing cross-border e-commerce industry. No foreign brand can survive in China without having a presence on Chinese e-commerce platforms, as Chinese consumers shop primarily through shopping apps. E-commerce is also a much cheaper and easier option than opening a physical entity but still allows you to sell directly to millions of Chinese consumers.

For this reason, we focus heavily on supporting our brands with onboarding onto e-commerce stores on some of China’s biggest e-commerce platforms, such as WeChat Stores and JD.com.

We can also support our clients with creating their own WeChat stores.


We are connected to a range of reliable Chinese customs agents that can clear products from ranging from tea, raw and roasted coffee, wine, spirits, food products, fashion and jewellery, homeware, skincare and cosmetics. Our customs agents help our clients to clear Chinese customs quickly and affordably.

We can also advise on and support our clients with preparing their customs documents and products to clear their products quickly at Chinese customs and avoid delays.

We have also sourced a range of logistics companies across Africa that can help our clients send products to China quickly, securely, and cheaply. We only use legitimate companies that we know from our own experience are reliable.

Representation at Chinese expos and trade shows & bespoke China expo and trade show guide

We have significant experience in attending China’s biggest trade shows and expos related to import/export, such as the China International Import Expo (CIIE), as well as more specific ones for wine, tea and coffee, fashion and jewellery, and beauty. At every China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo (CAETE), we also have a 200sqm interactive booth to display and sell products on behalf of luxury brands from across the African continent.

We can help organise our clients’ attendance with their own rep or attend on their behalf at China’s biggest expos and trade events. Support includes registration, international and mainland logistics, booth design, sales support, partnership building and translation. We also offer a bespoke Chinese expo & trade show guide for our clients to help them plan for and attend Chinese expos & trade shows throughout the year.


We have a team of professional translators on hand to translate all the documents our clients need to enter the Chinese market quickly, accurately, and cheaply. We currently offer translation services from English and French to Chinese.

We also advise our clients to prepare a portfolio of documents that they need to form successful business partnerships in China and generally succeed in the Chinese market.