Artclub and Friends


Artclub is a brand that all artists can call home. A brand where artists can express themselves freely and trust that support will always be available to them on their journey. All of Artclub’s pieces as unisex and aim to reconnect you to the profound process of making clothes – the stories of the people and their hands that make it all possible. Artclub and Friends is 100% youth and women-owned and is extremely passionate about creating sustainable work. They also support micro-enterprises and are assisting in setting up with their first independent woman-owned manufacturer. Artclub promotes sustainable fashion by reducing waste. The brand uses a small batch production technique. Less units equal less waste and their speciality has always been around creating just enough.

Artclub and Friends

Artclub and Friends is a unisex fashion label from Cape Town, South Africa. Artclub and Friends was founded by Robyn Keyser in November 2016. Robyn’s intention was to build a brand that produces clothes made by artists, for artists. Artclub is also 100% youth and women owned, including most of the manufacturers.

These youthful, female artists strive to keep Artclub and Friends fully sustainable. They use a small production line to reduce waste and only organic materials which are grown or made within Africa.

They also ensure its clothing are top-quality to ensure durability. All their denim is pre-washed and softened and all the seams are taped to ensure garment longevity. Their clothes are also verstalie – designed to be worn by both genders, and adaptable to personal tastes as well as seasons, for example, they add adjustable straps and sleeves to many of their designs.

This had led to Artclub and Friends becoming one of the coolest fashion brands in South Africa and is worn by some of South Africa’s biggest DJs and music artists.

Unique Selling Points:• 100% female and youth owned.
• Use only organic materials.
• All items durable and adaptable.
• Popular with some of South Africa’s biggest music artists.