What We Do?

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Our variety of services provides everything you need to succeed in the Chinese market.
From e-commerce to market entry, all of our services are tailored to meet your brand’s needs and help you unlock success.

Partnership Building

The right business partner, whether supplier, distributor, or agent, can make or break an attempt at market entry. Africa Reimagined can help your business establish the right connections so that you thrive in the Chinese market. 

E-Commerce Entry

E-commerce platforms can connect you with billions of consumers. From JD to Alibaba, E-commerce platforms can be a gamechanger for your company as you enter a new market. Africa Reimagined can help you capitalize on this opportunity

Marketing and Branding

We believe that your African brand can distinguish you from established competitors. Our Marketing and Branding service enables businesses to amplify their brand to Chinese consumers via digital and social media marketing, while still maintaining the brand’s integrity.

Market Entry Report

Africa Reimagined’s premier service. Our talented team will provide you with a fully customized report covering everything you need to know about market entry into China. From logistics to industry/market research, this report is an essential tool for any African business looking to thrive in China

Logistical Support

Logistics like customs, trademarking, and due diligence in a foreign market can seem daunting. Africa Reimagined helps you jump over these hurdles in order to bring your product to market. Let our team focus on the logistics while you focus on your winning product

Testing the Market

Our Testing the Market service allows your business to test your product with Chinese consumers before making the full leap. Through our experience with trade expos and international conferences across China, Africa Reimagined can help your business test the waters.