Kangumamu Coffee

Kangmamau is a Ugandan coffee brand that focuses on providing the best quality coffee grown in the lush hills of the Sheema District. Hilly with rich fertile soils and a tropical rainy season, Sheema is ideal for growing coffee. Swathes of lush, green Robusta trees – a strong, nutty coffee, indigenous to Uganda – cover the hillsides and harvesting their beans is a key source of income for the district.
Kangumamu is humanitarian-based, and provide micro-loans for farmers, alongside providing equipment and training to support value-addition. Over the past 10 years, Mangumamu has supported 800 families lift themselves out of abject poverty! Even during COVID-19, the company supported 120 families who were struggling financially. They also partner with Macbee honey company and supply two beehives to every coffee farmer!

Why China?

Coffee consumption in China is growing rapidly at an average annual rate of 20%, significantly outpacing the world average of 2%. Although China grows coffee in Yunnan province, most consumers prefer to buy from foreign coffee brands. This growing demand for foreign-origin coffee, especially for unique coffee blends only available outside of Asia, presents a market opening for African brands like Kangumamu.