Kazi Yetu

Kazi Yetu aims to transform how tea has been traded in Tanzania by keeping value-addition in the country – instead of it being exported unprocessed. Kazi Yetu blends a variety of tea herbs and spices which are purely organic & natural packed in biodegradable pyramid bags.
As a social enterprise, Kazi Yetu reinvests a majority of profits into job creation and women’s economic empowerment. Through Kazi Yetu, 10 women have been employed full time with access to health insurance for themselves and their kids. Most of these women were unemployed and single moms. The brand also supports agricultural development & poverty alleviation and has helped more than 2,000 farmers in Tanzania through training & incentive support.

Why China?

China’s 1.39 billion people already drink nearly 40% of the world’s tea! The tea market is valued at $10 billion – with a growing interest for overseas tea brands, which Kazi Yetu can tap into!

Inua Naturals

Inua Naturals: Inua works with 154+ small-scale farmers and artisans to build their businesses, improve production capacity, sustainably increase income, and provide community-driven solutions to improve healthcare services & education.

Why China?

Total retail sales of skincare products in China reached RMB186.7 billion in 2017, achieving a 10.3% year-on-year growth, with 69% of Chinese consumers willing to purchase a natural product at a ‘premium’ price