Julie Manny

Julie Manny tea is acclaimed for its highly nutritious profile with powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidants and tissue-protective properties. They are one of Nigeria’s leading indigenous tea producers.

Why China?

China’s 1.39 billion people already drink nearly 40% of the world’s tea! The tea market is valued at $10 billion – with a growing interest for overseas tea brands, which Julie Manny can tap into!

Pepper Row

Pepper Row is a new-luxury sustainable fashion brand from Nigeria and was founded in 2018. They are a colour intuitive Ethical brand with their garments, footwear and accessories made for the bold, sophisticated and playful free spirits. The brand’s ethos embodies and merges Africa’s rich cultural heritage, arts and craftsmanship with modern influences for the global  clientele. They are committed to utilizing more sustainable raw materials, innovative production techniques with conscious consideration for the environment.