Biraago is a contemporary African home decor producer. It’s Biraago’s dream to bring the uniqueness and authenticity of traditional Ghanian-influenced home decor to the world.

Why China?

With incomes rising, more people in China are investing in home decoration. There are over 440 million households in China, presenting a huge market for the home design industry.

Skin Gourmet

Skin Gourmet produces handmade skincare products ranging from body butters,  crubs, cleansers, and oils. All their products are made with absolutely no preservatives – so pure that you can eat them. All the materials used are sourced from the wild in Ghana and processed and packaged by hand in Ghana.

Their packaging is also designed to be sustainable to contribute to a healthy and more quality environment. If you return, your jar, they
will give you discounts on your next purchase. They are also an official Made In Africa brand.

Larry Jay

Larry Jay is a unisex Ghanaian brand that has a unique and timeless personality living in a clean, diverse and progressive world. They are generally inspired by nature, various African cultures and arts. Their designs exude an understated style and emphasize “tradition and comfort” with details and innovations that echo their West African heritage. They believe strongly in protecting their environment and improving their value chain.