Yenae Jewellery

Yenae is a high fashion, storytelling online jewellery brand that takes patrons on a journey inside Africa through its exquisite jewellery designs that fuse deeply rooted and diverse cultures with a twist of modern appeal.
The brand focuses on creating a positive economic impact and sustainably sources local raw materials directly from the African country. Sustainability is core to Yenae’s work – they use ethically sourced Ethiopian semi-precious gemstones and their products are made from silver or recycled brass, plated with 14-carat gold or rhodium.

Why China?

China’s jewellery market is the largest in the world, accounting for 30% of global demand. China’s huge market and high demand offer a great opportunity for sustainable brands like Yeane!


Mafi Mafi is an award-winning sustainable fashion brand. Its products are produced out of organic cotton grown in Ethiopia and are handwoven by female weavers. Mafi Mafi’s collections are worn by celebrities, statesmen, and prominent figures.

Why China?

A report by McKinsey & Co reveals 55% of respondents check labels and ingredients. In China, there is a growing demand for unique styles and craftsmanship – which opens the doors for brands like Mafi Mafi and Yenaé Jewellery.


Kunjina is a ready-to-wear brand based in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. we narrate stories of our inspiration on the garments using hand crafted details.


ZAAF, founded by Abai Schulze, is a globally recognized artisanal brand empowering African artisans and redefining luxury. They design exquisite products with the highest quality standards, showcasing Africa’s strengths and cultural richness. With a flagship store in Maryland and manufacturing facilities in Ethiopia, ZAAF extends its impact by collaborating with skilled artisans across Africa.