E-Commerce Entry

E-commerce platforms can connect you with billions of consumers. From JD to Alibaba, E-commerce platforms can be a gamechanger for your company as you enter a new market. Africa Reimagined can help you capitalize on this opportunity.

E-commerce is rapidly growing in China, with nearly $2 trillion USD in sales in 2019. Africa Reimagined can help you unlock this enormous opportunity by launching your products through Chinese E-commerce platforms! We can connect you with our partners at platforms like Alibaba and JD to ease your transition onto E-commerce. Our services don’t end there either, our E-commerce service includes:

  • Connecting with you with our E-commerce partners
  • Strategy recommendations for your E-commerce transition
  • Online branding and marketing strategy
  • Preparing the necessary production and shipping logistics

E-commerce may be a game-changer for your company, elevating your brand and products internationally. Africa Reimagined can help you seize this opportunity.