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Our services are designed to give your business all the tools necessary for understanding, unlocking, and ultimately, breaking the Chinese market. Our services are operated by a team of bilingual, China market entry experts that are passionate about helping more African brands succeed in the Chinese market. We offer you a free consultation so we can learn about your brand and your China market entry goals before building a tailored, step- by-step market entry plan for your company’s specific needs and objectives.

Bespoke China market entry guide

Our in-depth China market entry reports are written by experts that have in-depth knowledge of how to navigate the Chinese market, as well as the latest trends, stats and policy changes. Our experts conduct research and design a report that is specifically tailored for your brand’s China market entry needs and objectives. It includes all the info you need to understand the Chinese market so that you can develop an informed China market entry strategy for your brand.

Intellectual Property (IP), Trademarking (TM) and Copyright registration

Intellectual Property (IP), Trademarking (TM) and Copyright registration should be a top priority for any brand entering the Chinese market to protect their brand and products. For this reason, we have also made it our top priority by making the registration process as quick, simple and affordable as possible for your brand. We liaise with the Chinese legal attorneys on your behalf and support your brand throughout the whole registration process from the availability search to the filing and final registration with the Chinese legal attorney. We also offer you advice throughout to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Marketing, Branding and PR

When it comes to marketing, branding and PR, what works in one country will not necessarily work in China. Chinese and Western consumers engage with brands differently, which requires foreign brands to have a marketing, branding and PR strategy for China. For this reason, we have partnered with a range of marketing, branding and PR companies who can design a marketing and PR strategy or a brand image fit for the Chinese market to help you build brand awareness and a strong customer base in China. After a free consultation, we will match you with the most suitable companies for your brand.

China market entry partnership building and matchmaking

Most foreign brands don’t opt to open physical stores in china and instead work with local partners to help them navigate and sell in the Chinese market. However, choosing a trustworthy partner from afar is challenging. For this reason, we can help find you a reliable partner on your behalf. After a free consultation, we can match you with a distributor, importer, buyer, wholesaler or online and offline retailer that has proven success in helping foreign brands sell in the Chinese market. We can also conduct due diligence on potential partners that you have sourced yourself.

The Africa Reimagined E-commerce store on JD-Worldwide

In 2022, Africa Reimagined will be opening its first e-commerce store for premium Africa brands on China’s biggest e-commerce platform, JD-Worldwide. It will house different sections for food & beverage, fashion and jewellery, skincare and homeware so that you can expose your brand and sell to over 4 million JD-Worldwide customers. We will help you make use of JD-Worldwide’s features, such as cross border e-commerce, fulfilment centres and live streaming for advertising. We support you throughout the whole process from logistics, storage, entry onto and selling on the e-commerce platform and mainland shipping. We can also consult on your selling and advertising strategies.

Logistical support from Africa to China

We have partnerships with a range of African-based logistics companies that can help you send your products to China swiftly and securely, and at competitive prices. After a free consultation, we will match you with the most suitable company for your brand. We can also advise you on Chinese customs clearance.

Support with attendance at Chinese expos and trade shows

We can help organise your attendance in-person, with your own rep or represent your brand on your behalf at China’s biggest expos and trade events, including the bi-annual China-Africa Economic Trade Expo. We can offer complete support from registration, booth design, logistics to China and translation, as well as the option to have a sales rep sell your products and make partnerships on your behalf. We can also provide a bespoke guide on the best events for your brand to attend with advice on market testing.