Meet Our Team

We are a diverse and multilingual team of consultants with expertise in the fields of international development, diplomacy, environment, and public relations, across all regions of the world.

Hannah Ryder
Founder and CEO | Beijing, PRC

Africa Reimagined is led by our founder and CEO Hannah Muthoni Ryder, a former diplomat and economist by training. Hannah had the vision to create Development Reimagined and incorporate it as the first-ever Kenyan Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise in China.

Her goal for Africa Reimagined as Development Reimagined's first flagship project is to empower African brands through entering the growing Chinese market. In doing so, value-added products can be created and manufactured in the African continent. This will contribute towards breaking the poverty cycle through providing jobs, reliable incomes, and overall, fostering sustainable development

Leah Lynch
Deputy Director | Beijing, PRC

Leah is the Deputy Director of Africa Reimagined and Development Reimagined. She is also the co-chair of the sustainability forum for the British Chamber of Commerce, working with both British and Chinese businesses. She has in-depth knowledge of the landscape that brands face when entering the Chinese market. 

Leah has vast experience working with African businesses and managed the Beijing leg of our pilot market entry programme.  Previously, Leah worked at UNDP China on  South-South cooperation, and the Belt and Road Initiative. She also lived and worked in Kenya developing sustainable water policies for the government.

Peter Grinsted
Senior Economist | Beijing, PRC

Peter, an economist with Development Reimagined, leads the Africa Reimagined programme. He managed the Dalian and Changsha leg of Africa Reimagined's pilot market entry programme, which successfully launched seven dynamic African brands from a variety of industries into the Chinese market.

Peter has years of experience in China and Africa, and prior to this role, helped British companies enter the Chinese market at the China-Britain Business Council.

Yike Fu
Africa Finance and Data Consultant | Hangzhou, PRC

Yike Fu is a skilled analyst with two years of qualitative and quantitative research experience in international development. Yike specializes in African Development and China – Africa relations with proven ability to provide diverse support to international organizations, non-profit, and non-governmental actors.

Jinyu Chen
Research Analyst | Paris, France

Jinyu is a dual-degree Master's student at Sciences Po & Peking University. She concentrates on international development and global risks studies in Africa. At Africa Reimagined, Jinyu produces research to foster better mutual understanding between African clients and Chinese consumers. 

Rosie Wigmore
Research Analyst | Beijing, PRC

Rosie helps coordinate the Africa Reimagined program. Rosie seeks new opportunities to ensure African businesses thrive in the Chinese market through market research and her diverse networks across China and Africa. She also responds to our client's needs to ensure they have the support needed to achieve success. Rosie is a Master's student at Peking University, researching the potential impacts of the China-Mauritius FTA on wider Africa-China trade ties. 

Jade Scarfe
Research Analyst | Oxford, UK

Jade is a Master's student at King's College London researching China-Africa economic relations and consumption in the Chinese domestic market. She applies her academic knowledge during market research for Africa Reimagined clients to provide insights for successful market entry.

Oui Koueta
Research Analyst | Beijing, PRC

Oui is a Master's student in Beijing and is fluent in English, French, and German. His areas of research include international relations and economic diplomacy. Oui applies his previous experience in the communication industry to support cross-border dialogue between our clients with Chinese consumers and buisnesses.